“We needed a new recruitment software solution that would speed up the recruitment process and make our administration more efficient and help us build a talent pool for the future.”
Roger Parks, Foyles’ Human Resources Manager

The Company

Foyles’ flagship store in London’s Charing Cross Road is the world's most famous bookshop renowned for its unparalleled range of titles and knowledgeable staff. The company employs approximately 165 staff across four London outlets, with over 20 different nationalities represented speaking more than 25 languages between them. In May 2008, Foyles won two awards at the 2008 British Book Industry Awards, scooping Publishing News Chain Bookselling Company of the Year and Bowker UK Bookseller of the Year.

The Challenge

As an ambitious and growing business, Foyles made the strategic decision to adopt a recruitment software solution to address the management of hundreds of unsolicited CV’s it receives each month via its stores, in paper format and through its website. The selection process was both time consuming and resource heavy. “Trying to find suitable candidates would take as much as 3-5 man days a month,” said Roger Parks. “We needed an IT recruitment solution that would speed up this process and make our administration more efficient and that would also provide a way for us to easily mass mail candidates who had already registered, when new vacancies arose.” Due to the mobility of staff working from various locations, any solution needed to provide fast, reliable and secure access to all essential information.

“Some of the real benefits of online recruitment applications are demonstrated in environments where mobility isn’t just a nice to have but a cultural initiative.”
Paul Burgess, Managing Director, Eploy

The Solution

Following market research into available products and vendors, Foyles turned to Eploy to deliver an online tailored solution that would improve the search and selection of potential staff. A hosted solution was preferred because Foyles had limited internal IT resource and did not want to compromise the delivery of other IT projects such as new branch openings. A web-based solution would simplify both the set-up process and ongoing management of the system.

“We selected Eploy because we found the layout of the screens and the functionality the easiest to use. It is also a well-established system and cost effective to deploy. Others products we assessed were either showing their age or were still in a development phase,” added Roger.

The Result

Foyles implemented Eploy's hosted online recruitment software solution which integrates seamlessly with its corporate website. As a result, the system has managed over 4,000 candidate registrations in eight months saving an estimated 8 - 10 weeks of time and resource reading and assessing CV applications for suitability. This equates to several thousand pounds worth of Foyles' resources that can now be utilised more efficiently and productively on other key areas of the business. "Since adopting Eploy's system in July 2008, we have also been able to easily manage the increased numbers of unsolicited CV's we now receive on a daily basis as a result of the economical downturn; this is proving significant as it is enabling our business to build a substantial candidate database for the future," added Roger.

This considerable pool of talent is also now readily available to the company when job vacancies arise, which quickly addresses issues such as periods of understaffing by speeding up the recruitment process. Eploy's system also provides a competitive edge to Foyles by allowing pre-selection of all the potential candidates on the database, based on the preferred criteria such as experience, location, skill sets, etc., prior to vacancies becoming available.

This positions the company to be able to act quickly without the reliance on extensive recruitment campaigns or third party agencies to find the most suitable people.

Extraction of all CV's is now automatic, intelligently populating all personal details, skills, requirements, work history etc. Furthermore, all contact history and interview notes are centralised making the administration process more accessible and efficient. The flexibility of Eploy also allows controlled access to users. "We restricted its initial use to the HR department, but, due to its easy access, plan to extend it to our managers. Processing CV's and producing shortlists for store managers is now much more efficient," concluded Roger.

“In these challenging times of economic downturn, online recruitment software solutions can really come into their own for recruiters. Many companies, like Foyles who are using Eploy, have proven that they can now easily manage, with no additional infrastructure investment or effort required, the influx of CV's being received, and can capitalise on this by building a talent pool to facilitate future business growth. After all, making sure you have the best talent in the right jobs is the Holy Grail for recruiters, and building a comprehensive candidate database is one way that this can be achieved.”
Paul Burgess, Managing Director, Eploy

Visit Foyles Eploy-powered website at www.foyles.co.uk.

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