EQ CheckSafe

We believe that hiring should be effortless, and the onboarding process should be frictionless.

We focus upon ensuring that you have confidence, compliance, and that you hire only trustworthy candidates.

  1. Hire with ease - The process is quick and straightforward. Simply add your candidate’s information, and EQ CheckSafe will do the rest.
  2. See all activity - As the checks are being completed you'll have the ability to see the progress of each application by simply clicking into a report.
  3. Action alerts - When an action or decision is required, we’ll send an email, and make it really easy for the user to resolve.
  4. Audit with ease - We ensure that all processed data is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. Allowing a full trail to support your business.
  5. Company administration - Set up your business, add your team, allow for each member to have their own roles.
  6. Candidate fairness - Life isn’t straight-forward, but your background check can be. We allow the candidate as much visibility as possible.
  7. Candidate on-a-page - View all your candidates in a centralised location, and see where they are in the process at a glance.
  8. Full end-to-end compliance - Equiniti have 20 years in heavily regulated financial environments. We’re at home with regulation like a duck on water.
  9. Anytime, anywhere - The clear, modern interface is optimised for the HR professional, you’ll be able get things done on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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