Improve your students' employability

With recent economic conditions resulting in a highly competitive jobs market, graduates have borne the worst of the struggle to find employment. 50% of employers claim they would not consider a graduate without work experience, so now academic achievement is no longer enough to step on the first rung of the career ladder.

Graduates expect a degree to help them find a job, so universities face additional pressure to help their students meet companies’ new standards of employability. Connecting students with real-life temporary and part time job opportunities will not only increase their employability but also provide them with much needed financial support.

Improve your students

Meeting student demand for jobs

Are you finding that demand is outstripping the supply of vacancies you have available? Are you concerned about students taking on unsuitable roles or committing to too many hours and compromising their studies?

Meeting student demand for jobs
Managing a variety of role types

Managing a variety of role types

Can you meet the demands of a diverse student population? Could you manage a variety of role types such as part time, temporary, internships and graduate positions? Would you like to extend your service to non-students to reduce external recruitment costs, increase revenue streams and meet your clients’ needs?

Measuring the impact of your service

Can you easily provide part-time work statistics and earnings of your student workers?

Can you compare employability rates for students who have taken on part-time work during their degree with those have not?
Measuring the impact of your service

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With the help of Eploy we are able to promote our service more proactively so that it is accessible and understood by all - ultimately achieving our aims of providing students with the opportunity to increase their employability and support themselves financially.

Zoe Arch, ArtsTemps Coordinator, the University of the Arts London

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