Engaging employers

Building relationships with employers isn’t just important for sourcing your part time and temporary roles for your current students, it will also build links between the university and companies that may give your graduates their first career opportunity.

Raising awareness, delivering an excellent service and forming long term relationships between the university and employer will deliver an impact on employability beyond providing part time work opportunities while your students are studying.

Engaging employers

Marketing to employers

Are local businesses aware of the staffing solution you can offer them?

Could your services be a way to connect with some big name employers? 

What are your USPs that differentiate you from competitors and form compelling marketing messages?

Marketing to employers
Delivering excellent customer service

Delivering excellent customer service

Are you placing the right candidates in the right roles in a suitable timeframe?

Are you servicing all of your clients needs or are they looking for more?

Would increasing the services you offer open up new markets of clients?

Encouraging a sales mentality

Do you struggle to find the time to dedicate to sourcing new clients, or maintaining relationships with your existing employers?

Are your team focused on the number of vacancies and placements you need to achieve to remain profitable?

Do you know what ‘good’ looks like in terms of performance?

Encouraging a sales mentality
Meeting clients' requirements

Meeting clients' requirements

Are your recruitment services meeting the needs of your potential and actual clients?

Could you find new sources of income and extract more value from your existing clients?

Could a new product or service open up a new market of potential clients?

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By working in partnership with Eploy to develop and update our system we have achieved considerable time and cost savings, management benefits and ultimately an improved service for our customers.

Zoe Arch, ArtsTemps Co ordinator

ArtsTemps, University of the Arts London

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