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The recruitment landscape has changed forever. Like so many business sectors it has evolved to address the local and global challenges facing the industry but what has emerged is a stronger and much fitter model which is benefitting from innovative technology to deliver the results organisations now demand. And this is quite simply finding the best person for the job as cost effectively as possible.

Part of this natural evolution has included the hiring of professional recruiting staff from agencies - whose skills and experience from the 'other side of the fence' are now being harnessed to drive the internal recruitment processes for those companies that used to be their clients. With these new perspectives and skills available to the Human Resources operation, you may need to consider how best to maximise their intrinsic capabilities. And part of this answer is choosing the right applicant tracking and recruitment software that is purpose built for the job.

Your professional recruiter will expect a high degree of flexibility in a software system which means that it should be ideally web-based, easy to access and use and designed to do the job from the ground up. Many solutions, including traditional HR systems have tried to adapt their offering to address this requirement through bolt-on software. Others, which were originally designed for specific users have been shoe-horned to offer additional functionality.

eploy® however, has always adopted a forward thinking approach and designed a web-based solution from day one. As a result, it provides the flexibility to rapidly create tailored Career Portals and online solutions that offer a wide range of features for its users. For example, should your business offer temporary and contract based work, you may require the functionality for your candidates and hiring managers to fill in and authorise on-line time sheets. This delivers significant benefits to any organisation looking to make the best use of temporary workers and contractors.

It can also be used with RPO arrangements to manage the interaction and administration between the recruiting organisation and its agencies. At its core, eploy®'s applicant tracking software offers immense functionality and is used extensively by businesses with in-house responsibilities. This flexibility extends to third party interaction. Dedicated "Hiring Manager" or "Vendor Management" portals can quickly be added to your website to allow agencies to offer their services or your hiring managers to review candidate shortlists and provide feedback.

As your recruitment needs change, your application will also need to be updated. Your system therefore must be customisable but without losing the ability to be upgraded, allowing you to take advantage of new innovations. This flexibility will give your professional recruiters the tools they are familiar with and allow your hiring function to evolve without the fear of losing features that are essential to your processes.

Give your recruiters a head start by giving them the tools they are familiar with in an agency environment. These will allow them to post jobs to job boards and your website or to utilise contact management tools and communicate with candidates easily. They will also allow candidate CV information to be intelligently extracted and stored in your database quickly with minimum administration and offer sophisticated search tools to view ordered results clearly - tools that are essential for building a talent pool and developing your own in-house recruitment talent.

Finally, ensure your chosen software is future-proof. eploy® is built on a strong foundation and offers the strongest customisable ATS solution for all areas of the HR and recruitment marketplace. It has been designed to offer one fit for purpose solution that can easily grow with the needs of the business and be cost effectively adapted to take advantage of new technologies - not everyone can say this.

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