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A successful recruitment function is critical to the success of every business; the cost and effect of implementing the wrong type of system now can have an impact lasting many years. Do you need a best of breed recruitment system or can you make do with an HRIS recruiting module? This free whitepaper aims to help you to evaluate the pros and cons of each and make the best decision to meet the needs of your organisation.

Many sectors and industries face ongoing skill shortages in this candidate driven market and need to adopt new strategies to find the right candidates for their vacancies. Knowing how best to support candidate attraction and sourcing will assist in helping to fill vacancies and enhance the candidate experience. Organisations are continuing to invest in technologies that enable them to add value at every stage of the recruitment journey, from attraction to onboarding, and to improve through real-time analytics continually.

Choosing between a dedicated best of breed recruitment platform (commonly known as an Applicant Tracking System or ATS) and an HR suite that has a recruiting module can be a difficult task. While there is no right answer for all organisations, there are strengths and weaknesses to each approach and making an informed decision is the name of the game.

Do you need to attract active candidates, passive candidates or both?

If you are feeling confused by the sea of acronyms it is no surprise; ATS, CRM, TMS, HRIS to name a few. However, what do they all mean and what is the primary and secondary capability of each? For example, an ATS has the primary capability of managing your active recruitment workflow that includes Applicant Tracking (naturally), Interview Scheduling, Candidate Screening and Onboarding, whereas Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) is focused more on the acquisition of ‘passive’ candidates through talent pool creating, nurturing & engagement and recruitment marketing. Having a clear brief of what the core issues are that you are looking to address is a crucial priority for making the right choice. You can find the full breakdown of acronyms and their capabilities in the free whitepaper.

HRIS might be right in some circumstances, for example, if you are looking to support HR as a whole or if you aren’t managing large volumes, or if attracting passive candidates isn’t a priority or nurturing talent pools. Best of Breed has a single focus in mind, to create and cultivate candidate relationships that go way beyond hiring. Be clear on your strategy and how best to approach.   

The Best of Breed or HRIS Recruitment Module Whitepaper is designed to understand the key challenges recruitment teams face and can support your decision for how best to address them.

Checklist to evaluate the best fit for purpose:

Here are just a few of the topics that the whitepaper provides to help you discover the right solution for your business: 

·         Does the solution suit the expected growth of your business? Think about a 3-5 year growth plan.
·         What are your biggest recruitment challenges and does the solution have the features to address these fully?
·         How quickly are you looking to deploy a system and see results – twelve weeks, six months, two years? This article from Personnel Today shares research on why HR projects fail and pitfalls to avoid.
·         Can vendors deliver to your timescales? Consider the pace of organisational change and what you can realistically achieve.
·         Conduct market analysis and due diligence before making your choice. Existing systems and partnerships in place shouldn’t hamstring your choice of the best solution.

There are numerous other evaluation questions in the whitepaper as well as a strengths & weaknesses section that looks at 12 elements of consideration for Best of Breed v HRIS. The details include functionality bias, candidate experience, user engagement and rate of adoption, product upgrades and innovation, API’s and integration capability to name a few.

Download the free whitepaper now for an in-depth guide to making the right choice when considering a Best of Breed or HRIS Recruitment Module.

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