Is it time to rethink how we measure recruitment?

Time to hire, cost of hire. Everyone wants to measure them and everyone wants to reduce them. But in a data driven age is it time to rethink how we measure our recruitment strategy?


Top tips for preventing Talent Pool stagnation

How would you describe your talent pool? An ocean? A great lake? Or merely a puddle? In some respects the very name ‘talent pool’ is misleading, since it is not merely its expansiveness that helps us to achieve our recruitment goals.


7 ways to achieve your recruitment agency goals

If you’re looking for recruitment software you’ll likely be overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices available, overcome with endless functionality promises and possibly a little bamboozled by overly technical feature lists.


Check your careers site mobile data

In Part 1 you set up Google Analytics on your careers site. Then in Part 2 you created a goal to measure your sites performance against a key recruiting metric. Now we're  going to take a look at how your mobile candidates are using your site and what size screens they are using, this is useful information for building a business case for investiong in your mobile recruitment strategy.


How to set up Google Analytics Goals for your recruitment site

Once you have set up Google Analytics on your recruitment site you can start setting up Goals to monitor whether you are achieving your objectives. By way of example we are going to consider a simple goal that will monitor candidates registering on our careers site.


Using online recruitment software to implement your recruiting strategy

When investigating software to assist your recruitment function it’s easy to be overwhelmed by feature lists and the latest ‘must have’ functionality. The key to finding the right system for you is understanding if and how the technology will help you to achieve your recruitment goals


Recruitment and the art of juggling

The key to success is to keep your processes simultaneously ticking over which, when you think about it, is a lot like juggling.


How to set up Google Analytics on your recruitment site

If you want to get serious about measuring your online candidate experience you need to start tracking how your candidates are finding, viewing and interactingwith your recruitment website. A good first step is to ensure you have Google Analytics installed. If you don't here are some helpful instructions to get you started.


Improving your candidate experience to attract the brightest young talent

With recent recruitment news articles highlighting companies' fears of an impending skills gap in the job market due to young people being put off by today's recruitment processes, Eploy clients such as Matalan began addressing this issue long before it became newsworthy.


Does your careers site have x-ray vision?

How marketing analytics tools can help to measure and improve the performance of your careers website.


Recruitment software: fact, fiction or just hype?

As technologists we are often guilty more than most of using and latching onto ‘buzzwords’. On a constant mission to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we seek the ‘unique value proposition’. We ‘think outside the box’; our internal teams have ‘mind showers’ where ‘blue sky thinking’ shortlists possible ideas that we may ‘focus group’. We may take one of these ideas and ‘run it up the flagpole to see who salutes it’.


Enhance your candidate experience across multiple channels

The recruitment industry is full of buzz words. From talent communities, psychometric testing and social media, to mobile, gamification, job boards and talent pools - there is always something new.

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