3 steps to a recruitment metric mind-set

In last month’s blog we discussed some of the challenges in-house recruiters face in producing meaningful metrics and analytics – data that can help the decision making process and improve recruitment performance. This month, we want to take a step back and start discussing how recruitment can start to build a ‘metrics mind-set’.


Is it time to rethink how we measure recruitment?

Time to hire, cost of hire. Everyone wants to measure them and everyone wants to reduce them. But in a data driven age is it time to rethink how we measure our recruitment strategy?


Top tips for preventing Talent Pool stagnation

How would you describe your talent pool? An ocean? A great lake? Or merely a puddle? In some respects the very name ‘talent pool’ is misleading, since it is not merely its expansiveness that helps us to achieve our recruitment goals.


Using online recruitment software to implement your recruiting strategy

When investigating software to assist your recruitment function it’s easy to be overwhelmed by feature lists and the latest ‘must have’ functionality. The key to finding the right system for you is understanding if and how the technology will help you to achieve your recruitment goals


Can spreadsheets go the distance for recruitment?

Unprecedented job applications for dwindling opportunities have become a common story in current times. North Yorkshire Police, for example, recently advertised 60 positions and received over 200,000 enquiries, crashing the phone line & causing a logistical nightmare.


Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

The recruitment landscape has changed forever. Like so many business sectors it has evolved to address the local and global challenges facing the industry but what has emerged is a stronger and much fitter model which is benefiting from innovative technology to deliver the results organisations now demand. And this is quite simply finding the best person for the job as cost effectively as possible.


£69M lost to poor recruitment decisions every year - It's Time for Sme's to Embrace Online Recruitment Technologies

Recently published research by jobsite.co.uk  revealed that the UK's small and medium businesses are wasting an estimated £69m a year on poor recruitment decisions.


New mobile technologies provide the key to efficient remote working

Allowing authorised users to securely access live information from your recruitment


An explanation of SaaS looking at the eploy online recruitment database

Recruitment software has changed dramatically over the last few years and it is essential that the modern recruiter stays ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of new opportunities brought about by innovation and advances in technology. Different methods of purchasing software can also lead to a much better relationship with your provider and significant cost savings.

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