Is it time to rethink how we measure recruitment?

Time to hire, cost of hire. Everyone wants to measure them and everyone wants to reduce them. But in a data driven age is it time to rethink how we measure our recruitment strategy?


Recruitment Technology Delivering CRM Solutions

Business development is essential to all recruitment agencies, so as the economic recovery builds momentum, now is the ideal opportunity for recruiters to look for new opportunities, win new business and further expand their market share by utilising the latest technically driven CRM systems.


Specialist web based Executive Search software

Eploy executive search software boasts an extensive and unique set of features dedicated to executive recruitment which are based around the researching and promotion of quality candidates at targeted leads. Eploy's specialist executive search tools have been developed over many years, while working closely with various types of executive / head hunter recruitment consultancies.


New mobile technologies provide the key to efficient remote working

Allowing authorised users to securely access live information from your recruitment


An explanation of SaaS looking at the eploy online recruitment database

Recruitment software has changed dramatically over the last few years and it is essential that the modern recruiter stays ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of new opportunities brought about by innovation and advances in technology. Different methods of purchasing software can also lead to a much better relationship with your provider and significant cost savings.

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