How To Hire Like Google. For Free.

Google have released all of their hiring best practice documents completely for free. And even if you’re not as excited as I am, it’s probably worth a look isn’t it?


6 ways eSignatures can speed up your recruitment

Most in house and agency recruiters manage much of their work through Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment CRM tools. However, there still remains certain areas of the process that require on manual, paper-based 


Will Recruiters be taken over by robots?

The BBC and the University of Oxford, believe that there are a lot of administrative tasks that will soon be automated in the near future. Where does this leave recruitment consultants? Will the role of a recruitment consultant become entirely automated?


Maintaining visibility of staff

Successful agency owners often say the hardest thing in growing their business was opening their first satellite office. Whether in a new city, or even a new country that first step in geographic expansion is in reality a gigantic leap. So, what are the issues, and how can you overcome them?


5 Crucial Checkpoints to Improve the Security of Your Recruitment Agency

It is crucial for recruitment agencies to keep up with the latest developments in cyber security. Investing in security doesn’t always have to be expensive, but it could be critical to the longevity of your business. To this end we’ve got 5 tips for business owners to keep their databases secure and thus safeguard the security of their business.


Recruiting Recruiters- 3 reasons you find it difficult to do what you do for others for yourself

We want to know why it can be so difficult for recruitment agencies to fill internal roles. After all, as recruiters it should be relatively straight forward to fill internal roles. The truth is that it is far from simple. We think we’ve pinned down three reasons why it is so difficult to hire a successful recruiter every time.


[Video] How to Check the Speed of Your Careers Site

Does the speed of your careers site affect the quality of the candidate experience? Almost certainly. But how do you test the speed of your careers site? We're going to show you in less than one minute!


[Video] Is Your Site Mobile Responsive?

Google now prioritises mobile optimised pages above all others. But how do you know if a page on your site is mobile responsive? We can tell you exactly how in less than 30 seconds!


Who is the Best Recruiter in Game of Thrones?

In a world bereft of technology, never has the importance of recruiting the right people been more prominent in the “business” strategies of the main characters.

So who is the most skilled recruiter, and what techniques are they employing?


Which Migration is Easier? [Infographic]

The clocks have gone back and spring is well and truly in the air. At Eploy we're getting in the Springtime mood with this seasonal infographic!


m-Recruitment is Here to Stay: Google's Latest Algorithm Update and the Implications for your Site

On April 21st 2015 Google is updating it's algorithm- again. This time it is going to start penalising sites that are not optimised for mobile devices. With 30% of all traffic now originating from mobile devices across the industry, this change could mark a significant shift in your recruitment process from e-recruitment to m-recruitment. 


3 steps to a recruitment metric mind-set

In last month’s blog we discussed some of the challenges in-house recruiters face in producing meaningful metrics and analytics – data that can help the decision making process and improve recruitment performance. This month, we want to take a step back and start discussing how recruitment can start to build a ‘metrics mind-set’.

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