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Recruitment software has changed dramatically over the last few years and it is essential that the modern recruiter stays ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of new opportunities brought about by innovation and advances in technology. Different methods of purchasing software can also lead to a much better relationship with your provider and significant cost savings.

Recruiters should take great care in choosing the right technology partner who should not just supply the actual system but also provide a tailored service that compliments your business.

Your chosen supplier should provide you with the tools to enable you to recruit more efficiently, save costs, offer additional recruiting services and retain a high quality of service without losing that personal touch. Your software should also be flexible enough to stay abreast of new legislation and working practices whilst allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.

Many organisations now want to diversify the way they recruit to save costs, add value to their overall package and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Vendor Management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Volume / Graduate recruitment and Talent Management systems are increasingly desirable but traditionally required several systems with a considerable cost implication. It is surprising in today's world how many organisations do not have modern, flexible recruiting system that would enable them to diversify and streamline their recruiting and save considerable costs.

It is our opinion that a modern software provider should be more than just a supplier, which is why the eploy® team work closely with our clients to deliver tailored end to end recruiting solutions. We help with all areas of the business whether you require technology advice or help implementing completely bespoke recruiting solutions.

Since its inception in 1998, eploy® has provided its recruitment software as a service & our development efforts have been driven by the ongoing feedback we receive from our extensive client base. Delivering our systems in this way has meant that we form a much closer working relationship with our clients and actively promote feedback from our existing client community. We have always maintained faith in delivering our Software as a Service (SaaS) and it is now being widely used throughout the recruiting world, particularly following advances in security and backup procedures and the fact that more companies want to benefit from lower costs and improved accessibility and scalability. Eploy® facilitates flexible solutions and shorter delivery times and enables several systems such as branded recruitment portals to work together seamlessly.

Eploy® boasts a unique work flow system which streamlines the recruiting process from beginning to end, allowing you to work in a variety of ways from one complete system. New requirements trigger job postings to your website, external job boards, preferred suppliers / partners and HR managers. All candidate applications from a variety of sources are instantly stored, with key information about your candidates automatically extracted from CV's ready to be filtered through the "recruitment funnel".

Pre-screening is easily implemented to automatically reject unsuitable candidates and as candidates filter through your recruiting process many time consuming operations are automated such as sending out bulk emails or SMS messages.

All parties can interact with you through your own website, providing feedback on short listed candidates and arranging schedules. At all times detailed reports enable you to stay in complete control, for example, to evaluate the success of your advertising expenditure or simply to see how well your organisation or your consultants are performing.

Eploy® has been designed to offer everything you need from one flexible application and as your requirements change eploy® will evolve with you. 

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